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9 Signs You Sell Binance – #mooncnt for a Living


boom what is going on youtube in today's video i'm going to be talking about ethereum i'm also going to be talking about link and dot what i see for these coins on the charts at the moment and i'm also going to be giving an update on my most recent project moon which has taken an unexpected turn which could become an absolute monster [Music] oh my god so if you're looking forward to this content don't forget to drop me a like subscribe if you're not yet a subscriber and smash that notifications bell rock that out of the way let's jump straight into it and talk about ethereum then shall we because this is quite possibly one of the most exciting charts in crypto right now so as i said in a video a few days ago i was looking at this particular bullish attending channel which is playing out exactly as i predicted it's rallied up to the top of the channel absolutely look nailed it nailed that and i drew this channel on a video which you can see click link above my head so i've absolutely nailed that and if it does play out exactly as i'm expecting that means that around about here around about 2 400 should be the next bottom for ethereum before the next leg up so what i'm going to do is i'm going to change my orders over on buy bits i'm going to cancel these orders now now right now the reason i'm trading on buybit is they are offering a 1 000 bonus when you join so if you are new to buy bit and you want to bag up a 1 000 bonus click the link in the description below sign up now if you are in the uk you're not allowed to use buybit unfortunately however they won't know if you use a vpn and they won't know as well if you use profit sniper rapid fire which is our new bot over at profit sniper so we've got lots of ways to get around it if you're interested all the links are in the description below with that shill out the way let's get some orders in shall we so i'm going to stick an order at 2400 which is the midline of the channel i'm going to stick that in at 50 of my bag 4x leverage you're going to buy long and what that tells me is it tells me where the liquidation is going to be as long as the liquidation is above the bottom of the ascending channel i'm happy so the estimated liquidation here is 1935 so what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna put another buy order in at two grand so i'm gonna click confirm and then i'm gonna whack another buy order in at two grand which is my dca dollar cost average i've explained all about dca's in previous videos you can see if click link above my head and uh yeah so now i'm gonna put another order with a 100 of my balance click buy long and then that shows you that my estimated liquidation price is now 1 612 which is perfect so click confirm boom there we go that is all in my orders are in so let's just go back to the ethereum chart and see why i've done that so if we take a look here i'm going to get this horizontal right half and so i've put my order at around about 2400 which i've got marked here so the price is here so the middle of the channel is actually 2 39 so it should definitely fill and then the bottom of the channel the liquidation that i've got now is around about 1 600 wasn't it something like that so there we go so that's kind of where i'm going to get here i'm not particularly worried about that because if we just take a look at what this actually looks like in terms of points of control uh this is a very key area here going to make this a green line so we can see a bit clearer we can see here that this was previous resistance resistance here we had a little bit of resistance for a breakout then it became support support so really right now kind of two thousand dollars 1966 that actually looks like the bottom for ethereum or bar a really massive dump and really if it does hit that let's just take a look at what that looks like so from the current price it would mean a downturn of 25 which i think that's enough blood don't you to get to my dca and then to get my liquidation we're looking at a downside of 36 percent i don't think it's going to happen because if we take a look at the eth btc chart we can see that we've claimed the 236 against it on the fibonacci against bitcoin and then we're rallying up now towards the 382 which is the next key level then the 50 and then the 618 this is the golden pocket this is tends to be where price tends to revisit you can see here it was huge resistance as well in the past so that's the area where ethereum needs to go to now if just take a look at what that looks like so we can gauge a take profit on this particular trade so if i just click here and move this up to the current Coin (CRO) – Keiths Crypto Trades price from the current price that's a 73 percent move so let's take a look at the ethereum chart see what a 70 move from my entry would look like because that's really what we're going to be targeting so let's just go 70 percent uh there we go that puts four thousand dollar ethereum on the cards so that's kind of good that's going to be my take profit four thousand dollar ethereum as soon as the orders fill i will add that as my take profit so there you go that is the trade that i'm going to be looking at for ethereum let's take a look at dot then shall we so dot again uh drew this particular bullish ascending channel on a video earlier this week which you can see if you click about my head this is after the huge dumps we had at the weekend and this is the new trajectory that i'm looking at for dot looking at a very similar kind of move 70 move from the current price i do think that we're gonna reach around about 57 then we'll probably come back a little bit might add a little bit to my bags so right now i'm long on fenix and i'm long on binance having my femix window open at the moment if you just go over to my trade on finance you can see that i'm currently around about half a bitcoin in the money 25 thousand dollars in the money my average entry is at 29 and my contract size is at 21 000 contracts now that roughly earns me for every 50 cents that dot goes up i am earning a five grams worth of dots so i am really bullish on this and i'm targeting well above this zone here i'm expecting a huge breakout for dot which i spoke all about on the video which you can see it's clicking above my head last up let's take a look at link now i am not currently margin trading link at the moment i have secured my bag which is worth around about a million dollars and i'm quite happy with that but i do see this next leg up going to be quite spectacular now if you take a look at the unibtc chart which i've compared many many times uni had exactly the same pattern as this it kind of cascaded down found a new bottom three taps on the three six until finding a lot of support around about the two three six before springboarding up towards a hundred percent move so i do see right now a massive 140 move for link link's current price is in the region of around about 35 so that would put it at around about a hundred dollars plus the link so i'm incredibly bullish on chain link so right now my 5k to 1 million dollar challenge i'm currently long on dot the entry price here the average entry price is 32 take a look at the price of dot right now it is about about 32 so currently just not really doing much still waiting for that wider breakout but i'm staying in that to around about 200 i will reassess that take profit though if i need to now the last thing i want to talk about is mooncun okay right so this obviously started as a bit of a meme last thursday and the project is less than a week old and look it's had a little bit of a sell-off it's currently a four million dollar market cap at one point it had a 6.3 trillion market cap amazing i know now i decided this morning when i woke up the opportunity just came knocking and i had some big people in the space that messaged me saying look really like what you've done and they decided to pitch me an idea that they could see for helping all the holders of moon so here's the proposition that we're looking at so we're looking at potentially changing the use case for this so right now we've published a website over at which shows basically the fact that the project is completely unruggable because it's so transparent we've burnt all the dev coins we've burnt all the lps which means they're permanently locked which means that this will last forever so what better way to create longevity than to provide true utility and one of the things that we've been looking at is an ido launch pad specifically for seed investments and let me just explain Theta Network (THETA) – Keiths Crypto Trades that so ideos right now are the hottest thing especially if you get into seed because that's where you get the 30 to 1000 x gains but in order to get the seeds you need to be a big vc with a lot of money so enter crowd seeding so the idea is that we're going to create a crowd seeding ido platform so the only people that hold moon can get hold of an allocation in a similar way to the way that uh say pokestarter work or bsc pad work only difference being is that we will specifically only work with seed rounds not pre-sale not mainsail so what we're working at at the moment is we're working out a bidding system and some smart contracts so that we can float a proposal with the team so essentially the way this will work is if you hold moon that means that you will get a specific amount of allocation of a forthcoming ido at seed and if you don't use your entire allocation it will then go to an auction so for example let's say that someone's trying to raise 200 grand at seed they come to us and say hey we want to raise 200 grand at seed we go okay we'll ask our community so we then publish that we've got a 200 000 allocation you will have a specific allocation that is relative to the amount of moon count that you hold so you can either ape in and buy your entire allocation if you don't buy your entire allocation it will go to a auction now the way that the auction will work is essentially if there is still a hundred grand let's say to be raised there will be two conditions that need to be met the a you have moon in your wallet and b that you don't send more than and we not finalize it we're just finalizing the details here it'll be something like one percent of the amounts being raised so for example if you need to raise 100 grand the most you'll be able to send is 1 000 at a time that way it makes it fair for everybody so then we end up with all these people bidding uh trying to throw a grant in and then if it reaches the the fundraising goal and you try to send when there's already a hundred thousand be usd sitting in the fundraising pot it will automatically be returned by smart contract isn't that amazing and then what we will do is we will handle the distribution to the holders of the audio token now when you invest in something at seed you don't get all of your tokens at tge at the token generation event you tend to get 10 up front and then they drip feed you 10 to stop people dumping now the biggest challenge that there is right now is that whale vcs that buy up a huge amount of seat allocation they dump the price on the retail investors at the very beginning so the proposition right now that we have is that we remove the big whale vc the whales and instead we create a seed vc round and here's the proposition that we're going to be shouting from the rooftops potentially if you guys like it we're going to be saying look what's better to have to a potential ido is it better to have one vc with 20 000 followers because you can hardly shield it at all or is it better to have more like 2 000 vcs each have 500 followers that means that there's a hundred thousand people five times the amount of people shilling a project at ido causing it to get a bigger audience causing everyone's investment to grow and all you need to do is just hold moon you do all you just hold move gun you don't do anything else now we are gonna try and change the name we're going to float a few ideas i've already sent off a request to bsc scan to see if we can change the ticker name because it does depend very much so on getting a more legitimate name but even if they don't allow us to change the name we can still launch this particular project and it just means that if you want to be involved with any seed ideos you got to be a moon there you go look at that it works on many levels and we will still keep the charitable donation factor as part of the project that won't change and that was the main utility of mooncunt so now we have some really big plans i've already spoken to solidity developers to build smart contracts and the website guy to build a launch pad and i've been quoted three to four weeks before the working model is out there so right now this is an incredible opportunity for us to create longevity for holders and also an opportunity for you to 5x 10x 20x your money based on buying ideos that come out at seed round and here's the really really staggering thing let's just take a look at some of these other projects that do this right okay so we've got pokestarter right they have got a 200 million market cap and they've got a fully diluted supply of 300 million right now we've got a 4.8 million market cap and the fully diluted is 4.8 as well so let's just take a look at that so we just take 200 million let's look at this should we divide this let's do a bit of math so we take like 200 million ah and we're gonna divide that by four 4.

9 Signs You Sell Binance - #mooncnt for a Living hq720

8 million right okay so to rival that of poker starter we'd be looking at the 41x that's not bad let's take a look at the next one shall we let's look at trustworth one of the most well-known ones they've got a and fifty dollar market cap so take 350 million dollar market cap we've done that by four thousand four point eight million that means that a moon whatever it gets called in the future is a 72x to rival that of a trustwop uh even more so to rival the fully diluted market caps but don't forget we are completely transparent we burnt all the dev tokens we burnt all the lps this thing ain't going anywhere only other than up and this incentive mechanism coming up with means that essentially if you hold mooncunt you will be the only people that can get hold of these idols at seed and everybody wants to get ideas at seed so everybody will pile into moon count and it will go to the moon but we do kind of need to change the name but if we don't doesn't matter drive that underground people still have to buy it because that's the only way to get it and if you think the current name is putting people off it isn't i've already have phone calls from people that are interested in putting their seed ideo with our community already and it's only been six days and only been a few hours since i floated the idea in telegram this morning so if you want to get involved man all the links are in the description below check out the telegram i'll put all the updates in there but that's what we're going to potentially try and do and this means that you will never have to sell your moon instead you can get all your 20 30 40 x gains from other ideos how about that guys so look that's it for my videos today let me know we thought about it in the comments below and i'll be back with another video tomorrow peace

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